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Sica, is a world-renowned Italian producer of equipment for plastic pipes: haulage, saws, bottling machines, packaging machines, automation and auxiliary equipment. There are many good reasons to invest in Sica machines, and here are our 10 most important advantages to deliver value:

1. Updated solutions and energy saving technology to increase the profitability of your lines.

2. Patent protection on most products, which makes them unique and not available elsewhere.

3. Revolutionary solutions such as "cutting PVC pipe and chamfer without chip production"

4. Complete wide range of models (including coils) and custom machines.

5. Design of the security machine to protect you and your people.

6. Value retention equipment (valuable over time also in the second hand market)

7. Easy access and competent sales and after sales support at your entire disposal.

8. Large group of trained service technicians (who speak English and Spanish) for any need, in addition to ample storage of spare parts for fast delivery worldwide.

9. Preferred supplier for all leading extruder manufacturers.

10. Financially sound partner, sure to be on your side today and in the future (the company with the lowest possible failure score).