New TRK/C/Sy/U 2500


SICA is aware of its technological know-how and its thirty-year experience in the field of the automatic cutting process of plastic pipes. The company has increased its range of planetary saws for HD-PE pipes with big diameters and high thickened walls that haul pressure fluids, introducing the new TRK/C 2500, completing the other model range with high dimensions such as TRK/C 2000 and TRK/D 2000 (specific for corrugated pipes); these are long since installed in extrusion lines and work full time.

The new machine has been specifically designed and assembled for cutting PE pipes from OD 710mm to OD 2540 mm (100’’), in extrusion line, without material removal, that is typical of the classic cutting system with toothed disc; in this way, it completely avoids all the problems and the heavy inconveniences that depend on the production of chips and dust and on their consequent collection and management.